Call for Abstract

International Conference and Expo on Smart Materials & Structures , will be organized around the theme “Exploring the Fusion of Intelligence with Materials”

Smart Materials-2015 is comprised of 7 tracks and 40 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Smart Materials-2015.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Piezoelectric Materials
  • Track 1-2Electrostrictive and Magnetostrictive materials
  • Track 1-3Shape memory and Phase change materials
  • Track 1-4Electrochromic materials
  • Track 1-5CMOS-MEMS
  • Track 1-6Smart textiles
  • Track 1-7Ceramics
  • Track 2-1Nano Electronics
  • Track 2-2Nano Structures
  • Track 2-3Nano Technology in Energy System
  • Track 2-4Current Research in Nano Technology
  • Track 2-5Bio-Sensors, Optic Sensors
  • Track 2-6Sun SPOT
  • Track 2-7Carbon Nanotubes
  • Track 3-1Smart Health Monitoring
  • Track 3-2Vibration Control
  • Track 3-3Environment Control
  • Track 3-4Smart Bricks and Fluids
  • Track 3-5Super Elasticity Materials
  • Track 3-6Material Properties
  • Track 3-7High tensile Steel
  • Track 4-1Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures
  • Track 4-2Magnetorheological fluid
  • Track 4-3Hybrid Carbon Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Glare
  • Track 4-4Advanced Aviation Materials
  • Track 4-5Smart Materials for Defiance Systems
  • Track 4-6Nickel titanium
  • Track 4-7Kevlar
  • Track 5-1Smart Biological Materials in Humans
  • Track 5-2Nano Drugs
  • Track 5-3Pediatric Cardiovascular Devices / Stents and Valves
  • Track 5-4scaffolds in tissue engineering bone, cartilage and urology
  • Track 5-5Cosmetology, Dental and orthopedics
  • Track 5-6Clinically designed smart materials
  • Track 5-7Programmable matter
  • Track 6-1Self-cleaning glass, Smart glass
  • Track 6-2Self-healing material
  • Track 6-3Electronic skin
  • Track 6-4Smart rubber
  • Track 6-5Artificial muscle